Design process – Vaporesso Sky Solo Plus Base – 3D printing

I’ve been using a Vaporesso Sky solo plus for about 2 or 3 months, and the problem it always has is the stability.

it can fall really easily and one of the times fell from the desk to the floor and obviously, the pyrex dead. Huston, we have a problem.

After that and counting the cost of the replacement, I started to think about how to make a base to add more stability. The first thoughts were related to removable bases or articulated but since I spend all my time in front of the pc, the portability is not needed so I went for modeling a fixed base to contain the vaporizer all the time.

This is the process:

First of all I already have the 3d model of the vaporizer with all the exterior measures:

Sky solo plus model
Sky Solo Plus 3d model – Rhinoceros
Sky solo Plus Render

I thought to make some mechanic shapes but in the first sketches I lked the skull so I choose that one:

sky solo plus base – sketches

then I made 2 volumes over the vaporizer to use as reference.

the inner volume has a gap of tolerance for the vaporizer and the rest should make the body of the base.

Main shape – SculptGL
sketch 3d 1

after few deformations, it reminds me to the Chaos Eater Sword from Darksiders. then to add a few more details I made some rigid bodies in Rhino and then back again to SculptGL to add the fine details:

SculptGL model with hard surface detaisl in Rhino

then I use Meshmixer to fix any mesh problem and also to make the boolean difference between the main bodies

final model
Render 1
render 2
render 3

and thanks to Ripma Design Studio, I have the 3d printed piece and it looks fantastic. they used 3 shell perimeters and no support. the time was about 4 hours using an Ender 3 printer.

sky solo plus base
sky solo plus base

the file is available for free here