Steampunk Robot

This steampunk robot was a bit messy at the beginning. Starting from the shoulder instead of a more common aspect like the head or the overall concept.
I modeled each part separately while going on and trying to get something closed.

modeling steps

At the beginning, one objective was to make a Santa Claus robot, that’s why the color scheme during modeling. In the end I forget that and apply random materials and color schemes.

adding more and more objects results in many Rhino crashes, so I decide to convert to mesh the objects I no longer need to edit.

Rhino surfaces and mesh objects

The file size maybe increase a bit but the workflow return to normal without any crash.


deph test 1 – Steampunk Robot
deph test 2 – Steampunk Robot

Steampunk Robot

Due to the amount of tiny pieces, it makes no sense to print it, anyway it was a usefull practice.