Squirtle – 3D print


This job was for a customer who spend some time searching on the web for similar models to print, but couldn’t find one according to his spectations. So  asked me to build the pokemon Squirtle figure from scratch.

As I never paid attention to this franchise on games, cartoon, whatever format it came, I have to mainly search for  several references. Once then I start the modeling, based on only one perspective reference from the cartoon series.

Pokemon Squirtle – Cartoon series reference

modeling process

as always do,first determine the main bodies or macro-forms and then, solve each detail and transitions between them.

pokemon squirtle
modeling squirtle
finished model and reference

The details on the shell and face  were oversised to improve de printing definition at small scale. As the final model was intended as keychain, there is no room for fine or tiny details.

Pokemon Squirtle
Pokemon Squirtle
Squirtle glasses
Squirtle glasses

once happy with renders, some printing test

squirtle print test 1
squirtle print test 2

The customer give me the permision to do whatever i want with the model. So I uploaded it to Thingiverse and you can finding it here:


In a not so distant future I will make an articulated version and sell the Cad file.