Seretide Diskus – Product Closeup

The Seretide Diskus also known as Seretide Accuhaler, is a Prescription Medicine for the treatment of reversible obstructive airway disease (ROAD).

“Designed by Gregor Anderson, leader of the Device Technology Group (DTG) at GlaxoSmithKline, the Diskus® [Accuhaler] is the result of his training in the design field, as well as the fields of polymer science & engineering and marketing. Being head at the DTG, he has worked on several devices, all of them concerning healthcare and more specifically, inhaler devices. Recently these experiences led him to develop a device focused on the importance of patient driven future inhaler attributes, which we can see displayed on the Diskus®.”

For more info about this product you can read here 

During the intro course at the Instituto Superior de Diseño Industrial (ISDI)  in La Plata, one of the classes consist in analising this product to get a wide range of the complexity, related to design such a massive medicine container and dispenser.

The task consisted in assembly a few of Diskus  from all the pieces separated and mixed. The relation between pieces are so tight that only could  assembly in the correct way. Testing fittings and functionallity in the process as well seeing the pattent registry and info related to the manufacturers.

All the productive details like clamps, pins, absense of glue or screws, and so on,  make  this Seretide Diskus a huge example of Industrial Desing and its reaches.

Some of those details are shown below:

Seretide Diskus