Scalextric race – chasis measurement| Product modeling

A new Scalextric race is coming to the Institute where I learnt Industrial Design. In this case, I want to participate along with the students.

The first thing I need is a 3d model of the components I will use to design my car.

I bought a Scalextric car and take all the measures of each piece to have them in Rhino:

Scalextric race
Scalextric chasis

I’m a bit lazy now so I won’t disassemble or break the mainframe of the car. I know it could limitate the design options in terms of sizes but that’s ok for me.

Scalextric chasis
Scalextric race
Scalextric Chasis render

the next step is to play with the piece it has to be on top of the car, which is an electric fence insulator from Pagano S.A.

Electric Fence Insulator

Then I have to design the rest of the pieces to fit in the mainframe and hold that piece.

let’s see what came out of this Scalextric race 3rd edition in a few weeks…

Rough Update

After a few tries

car body sketches

I came up with a tank, mainly based on the Rock and Roll Racing from Sega Games which was one of my favorite games of all time.

If you don’t remember , here is a video:

Using the insulator as center piece I added the cockpit, the thrusters and the tracks to cover the wheels:

Final Model

Tank Assembled
the parts use the same screws as the original body
thrusters – insulator – cockpit
scalextric race - tank
scalextric race

I had a few problems while printing the tracks. I couldn’t join the main race, is on the list once the quarantine is over.

rock and roll racing
claextric race
sclaextric race – keyshot

During some tests on the track I found the shaft gears were a bit fragile. For the next race I have to buy new ones. Hopefully I could find brass gear to avoid this issue.