Rusty Robot

Quick model of a rusty robot based on a concept I found on Instagram. After asking for permission to the author to make it.

Original concept by Basith Ibrahim

The first step consists of decomposing the model into simple shapes, in this case, revolve and extrusion for the main bodies and some Boolean operations for details.

concept and macro shapes

Step 2: Since the model is only for visualization purposes I export it as OBJ and edit in Sculptris to add some scratch and damage details.

Rusty Robot
mesh and nurb model

After playing a bit with materials and layers I get some shots:

rusty robot
Rusty robot

Later, I remember I have an old scene with a centipede and a background made by photogrammetry

rusty robot photogrammetry

Maybe later I will make a printable version of this model but for now, you can check the other models I have here