Optimus Prime Robotmasters Transformers

Optimus Prime Robotmasters 

From the extense variety of optimus prime toys, this is one of the simplest and toon-accurate I could find.

The toy I put my hands on is a KO version which have some differences from the original.

Making a comparison from pictures of the original, I get some points:

  • The paint job is flawless in the original, not so much in the KO
  • The original has steel hinges, the KO just plastic pins
  • The articulation tolerances are bigger in the KO, they loose from the first time.
  • The PS shrinkage causes bad transformation fitting, a bit clunky acctually
Optimus Prime Robotmasters
Original vs Ko version

Most of articulations has wide range of movement, making this figure very posable. For more information you can read a full review here.

Knockoff toys

The transformers toy universe is pretty big, from the original manufacturers Takara  and Hasbro to third party companies like FansProject, Perfect Effect and much others. As always happen, with something that has its succeed , there are copies, knockoff or bootlegs.

knockoff is a product similar or identical to a product of one company, but made by another without the authorization of the original maker. In the Transformers fandom, the term is commonly abbreviated KO. 


From the user point of view, the Knockoff  has its advantages. Besides the fact that they are cheap, there is no regret in desmantelating or even breaking it to look what is inside. With this one, I did just that, tear apart  to take measures and model each piece.

Some times I couldn’t take some dimensions, in those cases I think which measure would be useful. Considering that most of the pieces have simple demoulding, maybe some actuators, there isn’t much place to strange things.

Modeling process

At first glance, all pieces seems like simple. Mostly can be represented as blocks, pretty close to the final shape of each piece, at least the overall volume.

Main Blocks of each pieceAdding more detail to each piece turns into a considerable complex model.

Main blocks – Final model

Then, some test with the  repaints such as Nemesis Prime, Ultramagnus  and Clear version ( polycarbonate).

Nemesis Prime Robotmasters
Color/Clay render
Optimus Prime Clear version
truck mode 1
Prime and Ultramagnus repaint

As I mentioned before, being a Knockoff, all possible improvements relies on the injection mold cycle and material choices. Avoiding shrink marks or premature ejection to  ensure the correct tolerances between pieces.
Regardless the Original design, it’s a good figure to play with. while keep its transformation as simple as possible rather than boring.
Other improvements could be add more articulations such as:  fist rotation, ankle ball joint for more stability, and maybe, a telescopic legs to make the truck mode shorter.
Besides the common add-ons like the gun and the energy axe ( which I lost before the modeling ). Other could be the trailer, the only problem with that can be the scale with other figures. Nowadays with the 3rd party universe, there are chances to get a small collection at that scale I guess.

Optimus Prime Robotmasters Both Modes

A little bit more complicated than the Buggy from Kinder toy as you can see Here 

Same case as the buggy, the complete model is available for purchase at CGtrader