La Snob revista- modeling for AR

La Snob  augmented reality

This job was the first of its kind to me,  model a character for augmented reality. As promotion for a comic magazine published by Blason Studio.

I’m use to make organic sculpted models just for hobby and I never take care about definition or polygon amount. In this case, due to the final application, I had to reduce the polygon count much as possible. Leave the surface details to the bump texture. There are several softwares to make things like that but using Sculptris  plus my complete lack of experience in the field,resulted a little bit hard.

topology issues

since Sculptris only work with dinamic tesselation, the topology of the model is a bit messy, so the poly count reduction is also, random.
During the sculpt, one can add more detail where is needed, same with the Reduce brush. Where the surface is uniform, reducing much as possible with a bigger brush diameter.
As the model is for rigging and animation, great would be have quad polygons but this is not how sculptris works, just triangles. Anyway the model works, the magazine rocks and the job succeed.

The implementation into the App was thanks to iReal