Green Lantern – Chibi version – Speed modeling

This Green Lantern character is another quick exercise of speed modeling using single surface objects and control point editing. A bit longer, a bit complex than previous.
all the modeling process took me almost 3 hours.

I split the video into two steps:
the first part is mainly about shapes and proportions where I focus on closed or single surface objects to “sculpt” each one.

The second part is about posture, details and transitions between shapes.

I usually solve those transitions with the same technique, split and BlendSrf because I have a bit of control over the shape in that way.

The ring was quite simple to model but the material configuration was tricky. It resulted as a dielectric material with a emissive label with curvature as opacity map to highlight only the edges.

I made the glow effect and compositions in PS.

Green Lantern – Chibi bersion
Green lantern Ring