Disposable Cutlery Support – Product Design

Facing the first job as designer is always hard. The lack of expertise in the field turn us a little bit nervous. In this World Industrial Design Day, I want to remember my first approach to this exciting but difficult profession. This job came from a colleague  who were mold machinist. To return the favour of recomendation, I focused my  efforts to make the product for injection mold, as main technology rather than others with less primary investment for an emerging product like this one. The customer wanted to reinstall the habit of disposable cutlery supports for normal use at restaurants or even home.

First concepts

The customer wanted something related with Celtic style or close to the templar swords. After some meets, I was able to make something more abstract. Focusing the shape to get more stability, leaving the figurative sword to simple sustractions.

first hand sketches
3d sketches for approval

After going back and foward some times, negotiating with the mold provider, I made two final proposals:

Final proposals – cutlery support

Then, due to mold  improvement and final piece cost, the customer choose the small proposal.

Disposable cutlery Supports
Disposable cutlery Supports
Support in use

Disposable Cutlery Supports – Mold Making

The file adjustments were mainly about min radius over the edges and creating the partition line to facilitate the machinist work.

File adjustments inside Rhino

The mold contains four cavities and here are some pictures of the  machining process.

Ejecting the pieces by plate instead of using ejector pins.

Electrical discharge machining – cavity plate
Machining core and ejector plates

As a result, a few samples  in PP to test the overall function.

cutlery supports
Disposable Cutlery Supports – injection Samples

As designer I always enjoy to folow the manufacturing process. Specially with my own projects.

being the first one as freelance, was encouraging.