Beetle ChoroQ


the Beetle choroQ is one of the most iconic ones due to its show up  as Bumblebee G1 Toy from the Transformers franchise.

The choro-Q style from Japan or Penny racers in the US, gives at toy  the blend between comic appearance  and real representation in equal proportions, resulting in funny toys.

To make a choroQ version of any car is needed to folow 2 basic steps:

  • Scale 1 dimension over the lenght and solve the unscalable details like fenders and tires.
  • Increase the diameter of the rear tires a bit, as they normally have the friction system inside.
Main surfaces layout
Clay render – final surfaces layout

I’m currently modeling a few of them, some based on existing toys ( like this one) and others don’t.

ChoroQ collection
Scania , Citroen 2CV and 2CV Van
rusty version
clean version
bumblebee color scheme
References I use for the Beetle ChoroQ :
Beetle ChoroQ
choroQ toy