Mouse Redesign

Product Analisys

Original mouse: the product analysis and disassembly.

Verbatim Wireless mouse
Mouse Disassembly

After the first aproach to each piece, understanding  every detail ( moulding, materials, process, etc) I focus on the parts  I will keep.

Then the 3d modeling of each part with real dimension.

Studying the disassembly, I decided to keep the same structural scheme  and components distribution for the new covers.

The covers I will  redesign will have the same assembly as the originals.


Form Exploring

There are mainly 3 ways  to grab a mouse, but paying atention to  my hand while I working or gaming, I grab the mouse as the claw way, but going a little bit further, I do the most  pression only on two fingers, the thumb and the ring finger.  Having those points I model several shapes, firstly based on a mouse I found confortable before, the Logitech mx1100, then I explore others.


Starting from the inside to the outside

Then, the final model


Playing with colors and materials

3d Print the prototype

The  prototype  was printed in PLA priorizing the piece complexity instead of the print optimization, it took more than 40 hours to print all the parts.

testing the prototype I found some issues like dimension errors of the mainboard  and some assembly problems due to the 3d print

in the next prototype I will  fix them but  I still working on it.

being the first 3dprint mouse than I made, the results are accetable I think



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